Dennis Hobson Promotions return to the Northeast on November 29, when Jon-Lewis Dickinson takes centre stage at the Gateshead Leisure Centre.
Birtley’s Dickinson, who lost his British cruiserweight title in June to Ovill McKenzie, will take on former Olympian and British light-heavyweight title challenger Courtney Fry as he attempts to get back to the top.

The ‘Resurrection’ card also features a terrific all-Northeast encounter between unbeaten fighters Lee ‘Lightning’ Mould and Craig Dixon.  Sunderland’s Mould, 7-0, will face Gateshead’s Dixon, 12-0, for the Northern Area welterweight strap, with the evenly-matched affair threatening to be fight of the night.
Working alongside Fighting Chance Promotions on the show, Hobson is delighted to be heading back to the Northeast after bringing two huge world title fight shows to the region over the last year.
“I love it up there,” stated Hobson.  “We put two world title fight shows on and were really well received for bringing big time boxing back.  I’ve got good relationships up there, and all we can do is build a base which is what I’m intending to do.  I like the sound of working with Lewis Pendleton and Ronnie Rowe [Fighting Chance], I’ve got my good pal Jaffa [Phil Jeffries], and I try to bypass a lot of the politics.
“I think Jon-Lewis had a kick up the backside with the Ovill McKenzie loss.  He got caught cold and it was a wake-up because the fight after I was lobbying to get him involved on the world scene.  There’s a big fight coming up with Bellew and Cleverley, which is a smashing fight but isn’t pay per view for me.  They were both found out at light-heavyweight and have gone up to cruiser, but Jon-Lewis is a natural cruiserweight and can be the king in the UK.  Him and Travis are raw talents and I don’t think they’ve scratched the surface of what they can achieve.  They’ve got good people around them and hopefully I’m the final piece of the jigsaw that can take Jon-Lewis onto more major honours than he’s already won.
“Lee Mould has already fought one of my kids before and he’s a talented kid.  Ronnie [Rowe] thinks a lot of Craig Dixon so that’s a really great fight on the undercard.  It’s shaping up to be a smashing bill and it’s one of many that I want to be involved in up there.”
With Sedgefield Olympian Bradley Saunders recently defecting to Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom outfit, and Hearn promising to bring the Sky Sports cameras to the area, Hobson says he will continue to build on the foundations he has already built in the region.
“I don’t know the full details of the Bradley Saunders situation.  He fought on a couple of our shows, I’ve known him for a few years and always got on very well with him.  I’m surprised he doesn’t sell as many tickets as I thought he would; he’s not a ticket seller and on his own he’s going to struggle to fill out venues.  He’s an exciting talent but I don’t think he’s been tested yet.
“Eddie Hearn is trying to sign everybody to try to make others weak, but I can’t see long-term how he’s going to keep everybody happy with the shows he’s got.  He needs bigger names up there to justify moving up to the Northeast, he’s trying to build alliances with certain people and I’m not convinced he’ll be able to do it.  He’s in pole position, he’s got Sky TV and all the resources, but Stevie Wonder would’ve been able to do a good job with the Sky budget!
“It’s big enough in the Northeast for various promoters.  I don’t know how long Hearn will stay up there, or how many shows he’ll do, but with the strong relationships I’ve built I don’t necessarily need to put a major TV show on.  When we’ve built up to title contention that’s when we’ll get TV involved and we’ll put some major shows on.  The Dickinsons are in pole position to be next in line, I’ve still got Stuart Hall, and there’s Martin Ward and his brother Tommy.  So, regards talent, I think we’re miles ahead of anybody else.”
Tickets for ‘Resurrection’ are available from all fighters or by calling 07544 222 089.