Former world heavyweight champion David Haye returns to action on March 4 when he takes on Liverpool’s Tony Bellew at the O2 Arena in London.
Haye, who is jostling for a lucrative fight with Anthony Joshua, faces WBC cruiserweight champ Bellew in a ‘grudge match’ that sees the Liverpudlian compete at heavyweight for the first time.
Here, in his column for ‘Boxing News’, Dennis Hobson gives his views on the upcoming duel:
For me it’s just WWE, it’s a match of convenience to ‘cash in’. I can’t knock Tony Bellew, I think he’s done great, but it’s just a money-making match up.  It’s certainly not a trade match, it’s a WWE match up and they’re trying to hype it to make as much money as they can. I’m not that interested in it. Unless Haye fights someone like Anthony Joshua, which is possibly on the cards, then I’m not interested at all, and I think others in the trade would tell you the same
If Haye has anything about him then he should knock Bellew out, because Tony is at such a disadvantage, and I see it being all over early. Haye could be fighting Hulk Hogan, Giant Haystacks or Big Daddy, that’s the sort of ‘carry on’ this fight is. It won’t tell us anything more about where Haye is at with regards to the heavyweight scene at all.
I worked with him earlier in his career and, towards, the end he was trying to make decisions that weren’t best for him.  Face to face, when I saw David we got on smashing but regards business-wise, he wasn’t the easiest.  For example, he wanted to fight Carl Thompson which I advised him not to because I thought it was too early, and he had the worst defeat of his career. He thought he was a superstar before he was.
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