Adam Etches
If Sheffield southpaw Sam Sheedy wins his upcoming crack at the Commonwealth middleweight title, he might be open to a huge derby fight against Adam Etches, but questions whether his local rival would merit a shot.
‘Speedy’ Sheedy faces Nigeria’s Abolaji Rasheed, 8-2-1 (4), for the vacant Commonwealth belt at Sheffield’s Ponds Forge Arena on March 24, in a fight that could open the door to a future world title contest.
Etches (pictured), meanwhile, was comprehensively outpointed by Londoner John Ryder in an IBF International super-middleweight scrap last weekend.  On the night, Etches, 20-2 (17), earned plaudits for his brave performance, but had little answer to Ryder’s better quality work.
“Boxing is a business for me now, and why would I box Adam Etches?  You could say ‘because it would sell a lot of tickets’ but the only two fights Adam’s had that have been worth having, he’s been beaten,” explained Sheedy, 17-2 (4).
“You could say that I’ve been beaten twice, but they were both by split decision and a lot of credible fight people thought I won.  Every fighter Adam’s beaten has been a foreign fighter with a low standard of boxing.  So when you look at our records it looks like we’re on the same level, but in reality we’re not.
“He’s really not boxed anybody but because of his record he’s been given the opportunity to fight good fighters and he’s been wiped out.  He didn’t get wiped out by Ryder but he got convincingly beat, and Khamitski obviously knocked him out.
“I like Adam as a person, he’s sound, but he’s been playing at boxing.  I’d find it hard to get myself up for the low level of opposition he’s been facing.  I’ve gone after the likes of Nav Mansouri, Andrew Robinson and Tommy Langford because they’re good names and I’m excited to see how I can do against them.
“I don’t think Adam would get past the likes of Bradley Pryce or Max Maxwell, but if Sheffield wanted it then it would be a good future defence for me because I’m 100 per cent confident I’d beat him.  At the moment though, all I’m doing is concentrating on March 24 and winning the belt.”
Dennis Hobson Promotions present an evening of boxing at Sheffield’s Ponds Forge Arena on March 24.  Headlining will be Sheffield’s Sam Sheedy versus Nigeria’s Abolaji Rasheed for the vacant Commonwealth middleweight title.
Also appearing will be a number of Sheffield fighting talents including Liam Cameron; Nicki Smedley; Joss Paul; Kyle Yousaf; Tommy Frank; Nicolie Campbell; Ramzy Nassa; Muheeb Fazeldin and Razaq Najib.
For ticket information, please call 0114 243 4443.