Frazer Clarke should have been disqualified in his fight at the weekend against Dave Allen – that’s the view of Allen’s manager, Dennis Hobson.

Allen and Clarke were pitted together on Saturday (September 2) at the Manchester Arena as part of the undercard to the rerun between Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith … with the fight between pro ‘veteran’ Allen and former amateur star Clarke much anticipated.

Allen was cheered into the ring, confirming his status as a fan-favourite – while undefeated Clarke was roundly booed, suggesting his appearances to date have yet to win over the boxing public.

Despite the anticipation, the scrap between the pair was just that … scrappy!  Amongst plenty of mauling, some clean punches were landed though – notably the overhand right from Dave, and accurate jabs from Clarke.

Controversially however, the fight will best be remembered for the consistent low blows administered by ‘Big Fraze’ which saw the 32-year-old docked two points in round six and on the verge of disqualification, before ‘The White Rhino’ was retired by his corner with a reported perforated ear drum before the start of round seven.

After the fight, with the two protagonists seemingly at loggerheads, Clarke – who moves to 8-0, with six KOs – refused to entertain the possibility of a rematch despite the unsatisfactory ending to the contest.

With the dust starting to settle, Hobson – who was ringside for the bout – insists that ‘The Doncaster De La Hoya’, 21-6-2 (18), proved in the contest he can still be a force at domestic level, while Clarke is still a work-in-progress in the professional ranks.

“I think Dave proved that he still has plenty left, when you consider he’s not been properly active – although we have put him on a few shows over the last couple of years.  He showed that he can still be a competitor in the heavyweight division, and he showed Frazer up – at this stage – to be limited.

“It wasn’t a classic but Dave ‘old-manned’ him and he nullified and frustrated Frazer.  He kept reminding him with the odd big shot and he was going to start piling it on.   But when you’re getting hit low that many times … well, it’s a very sensitive part of your body!

“He [Frazer] was dirty.  I’m not saying Dave was totally clean but he wasn’t hitting him low or behind the head.  The referee warned Frazer, ‘one more and you’re out’ but he hit low a couple more times after that and should have been disqualified.

“It wasn’t a classic but Dave was starting to do a job.  He was comfortable in there but when you’re getting hit low that many times it’s going to take a toll.  It’s wrong and I’ll be putting a complaint into the Board.  Dave doesn’t like any controversy but as his manager and promoter, I have to do that.  

“I want Frazer to do well but obviously Dave’s my man and I’m backing his corner.  Dave got the wrong end of the deal on Saturday and wasn’t protected in there.  The referee didn’t do his job and, make no mistake, if it had been the other way around, Dave would have been disqualified.

“I do wish Frazer well and I’ve always liked him.  He had a few spicy words to say afterwards, which I’m not too bothered about because he has to learn to take criticism, and I’ve manoeuvred plenty of fighters onto world titles who haven’t had his pedigree, so I know my successes. 

“At the end of the day, Dave wanted to test himself against someone who was supposed to be top class and, let’s be honest, he nullified him.  So, he can definitely still dance with some of the other quality operators out there.

“I’ll speak to Dave this week.  The reception he got on the night was pretty special.  He has plenty of supporters and there are more big nights out there for him.”